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  1. Beth, I am a participant in Elaine Heath’s church planting class which skype’d you earlier this week. I have some follow up questions for you and I am hoping you might be open to future convesations……. I, too am primarily a contemplative and I feel called to help share this orientation with others. I am eager to find partners and guides who can speak into my journey as I step further into God’s call to share His love with others.

    1. Hi George!
      So good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your study project. I wholeheartedly agree with your spiritual ecosystem. I think you will find “Weird Church” a thoughtful companion to your work. Let me know the next time you get to PDX. I’d love to see you.

  2. Hi! I attended your Weird Church book signing in Portland several months ago and picked up one of your books. It is very thought provoking and puts into words some of my “hunches.” I am curious if you have come across any “weird” churches that are successfully being an inter-generational community of worship in contrast to age segregated worship.

    1. Hi Lillian,
      Thanks for your question. Yes, weird churches are for all ages! One church in Washington that reflects this is “Valley ad Mountain” in Seattle. Others include “After Hours” in Denver, “Stories at the Edge” in Colorado Springs, Colorado, “Life in the City” in Austin, Texas and Hope.Gate.Way. in Portland, Maine.

  3. Beth, — You and I corresponded briefly back in the fall. At that time you offered to do a “Weird Church” workshop for free if I could guarantee 25 people. I think I can guarantee the audience if the offer still stands. It would be great if we could make it happen this summer. Just let me know.
    Larry Snow, Senior Minister, Murray Hills Christian Church, Beaverton Oregon.

  4. The Interim Ministry Network (IMN) is planning its 38th Annual Conference, scheduled for June 18-21, 2018 at Sheraton Chalet Westport, St. Louis, Missouri. The conference generally attracts 130 – 150 clergy with a few lay leaders.

    We believe you may have a message to contribute to the theme and to our audience.
    The theme for this year’s conference “Discovering a New Song”. The songs and hymns of our faith traditions convey deeper truths and words of comfort and inspiration that connect us to history and shape a vision of hope. How does our work of transitional ministry assist congregations to discover a new song that is grounded in experience and heritage, as they prepare for the future they will create in the singing?
    IMN is an association of transitional ministers, trained to lead congregations during times of transition. These transitions can be the retirement of a long-time pastor, a sudden death, a crisis, changes in the demographics and environment, and other circumstances that lead a congregation to reflect more directly on where their future lies. The Network members come from a broad range of denominations throughout the United States and Canada. IMN offers core training to equip clergy and lay leaders to effective lead congregations during times of transition.

    If you are interested in being considered further for a key role in the 2018 conference, please respond to this email letting us know:
    – Dates within the June 18-21 time you would be available
    – Honorarium requirements and any necessary travel or accommodation requirements
    – Thoughts on your message/content for our theme and audience for a keynote-type address and for workshops
    – Writings of yours that would be applicable to our work – books or articles

    We would be happy to talk with you further to explore your interest and topic focus. If that would be helpful, please send us some suggested times you would be available for a phone conversation and the best number to reach you.

    We anticipate making our decision within the next 30 days and appreciate your priority consideration of this request.

    Cynthia Huheey, Executive Director Crystal Wells, Conference Manager

    Interim Ministry Network
    740 Executive Drive
    Suite 212
    Baltimore, MD 21228

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