Beth Ann Estock was raised on the shores of Lake Erie in a loving family. She traveled the world and studied theology in her 20’s, married and had two delightful daughters in her 30’s and had her heart strangely warmed in a mystical way in her 40’s.  Now she is trying to be the change that she wishes to see in the world!

She is a co-author of “Weird Church:Welcome to the 21st Century”.  She also coaches and consultants at Epicenter Group for people starting new faith communities and revitalizing existing churches.  Her passion is to work with leaders who are experimenting with fresh expressions of church.

She formed a network of missional faith communities in the Wesleyan tradition in Portland, Oregon called SpiritSpace and co-creates, with the Missional Wisdom Foundation, hubs of ministry experimentation and training in Portland.

Her passions include having fun with family and friends, composting, gardening, cooking, crocheting, yoga, running, river adventures and growing in the ways of love and peace through her walk with Christ.  She is an avid book reader, mostly non-fiction, and if you play some funky music she becomes a dancing fein!

She has a BA in Spanish and Political Science from Hiram College and an MDiv from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. She is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, a certified Associate Integral Coach and a Prakriti Yoga instructor.

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  1. Very good stuff Beth. I am a big fan of integral and the spiral, and I will be introducing them to my church shortly. I would love to hear about some of your experiences
    Bill argus

    1. HI Bill,
      Paul Nixon and I have written a book entitled, “Weird Church: Welcome to the 21st century.” You can get it on Amazon. We use Spiral Dynamics as our framework for the book. I think it will be very useful for your work in the church. We have written a free downloadable small group study that will help you church process the information.

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